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Deep Presence

The Wellbeing program allows you to feel deeply seen and heard in a private and confidential container where all the journey is tailored to your specific needs with a trusted confidant, coach and experienced spiritual healer on your side you can ask questions and receive guidance from.  


Along the journey, you have the opportunity to gain clarity on your own habits, learn soul wisdom and practical techniques and implement them in practical and creative way in your life. At its core the journey helps you further connect to your heart, mind and soul and achieve self-transformation in your wellbeing on the next level. 

Profound Results

Self-transformation is a deep journey of self-discovery, new experiences and going beyond what we know. Many experienced profound results using these techniques and achieved their goals including better sleep, promotion at work, increased physical, mental and emotional wellbeing, improvements in chronic health challenges such as diagnosed hormonal disorders, chronic pain, muscle, skin and immune system challenges. 

Why join? 
Attending to your wellbeing is not a luxury but a necessity

Taking care of your physical, emotional, mental health and spirit can make or break your relationships, career and overall how you feel about yourself and your whole life.

We are dynamic creatures and many of us like to create deeply meaningful work that advocates for a better world without shying away from putting in the effort and facing the challenges that come along the way. 

However that heartfelt dedication can lead to long working hours, harder and longer resetting times, more stress, doubts, physical health issues and juggling between responsibilities.

At first you might feel taking care of your own needs is a luxury but with time it becomes a necessity.

How to Transform? 
Soul Wisdom & Spirit

If you felt daunted by spirituality or don't know how to incorporate it to your everyday life, having a wellbeing goal, a practical approach and a guide on your side who also happens to have a healthcare research background could benefit you greatly. 

Your Soul is powerful and can help you transform your current challenges. This is why this program is introducing you to ancient wisdom and practical techniques on how to use soul power, soul wisdom and advanced meditation techniques to increase your wellbeing.

What is included? 
1:1 Wellbeing Program

The 1:1 Wellbeing Program gives you access to: 

  • 3-months program with:
  • 1:1 weekly meetings online (60min)
  • Support in setting, monitoring and achieving one specific wellbeing goal
  • Personalised meditation guide and 1:1 practice
  • Soul wisdom teachings
  • Spiritual guidance and one spiritual service included in every session
  • Regular check-ins
  • Additional spiritual services available at extra fee.



I decided to have a session with Linda due to my long history of sleep problems. Before meeting with her, my sleep pattern used to be waking up in the night with extreme feelings of terrors and fear. I had these nights for several years and after seeing several therapists I was beginning to lose hope I could ever have a beautiful sleep anymore.

Linda instantly felt my fears were located in the kidneys of my body and with her professional help I started to heal them with an advanced meditation practice. What started to happen after I did the practice is beyond words for me to describe here. I felt very strong energy flowing through my body and the sleep following the practice was completely calm. I can still not logically understand how this works but IT WORKS!! I do the practice now every day and I am still having completely calm nights after years of suffering.

I am a person who needs to feel safe in order to receive support from someone else. That´s why I am truly thankful to have been guided by Linda who radiates trust, wisdom, power, love and humbleness. She has a unique way of guiding that is very structured but yet leaves room for flow which gave me a sense of being held. Linda truly listened to my needs and never went against something I didn't feel comfortable with. She is very connected to her sources of wisdom and is surrounded with pure positive energy. I can warmly recommend Linda with all my heart!



Linda knows her craft! Period.
For starters, I was sceptical about how impactful or different the session will be compared to listening to audio meditation. But from the moment I started my first session with Linda, all my doubts disappeared.

I genuinely felt as if Linda was right there in the room with me, guiding me through every step of the sleep meditation journey. Her voice is so calming and soothing, like a gentle breeze on the hottest day of this summer. I instantly felt at ease, as if all the day's stress and worries were melting away.

I've always struggled to focus during sleep meditation and in the end, I sleep fitfully. My mind tends to hop around, and I end up feeling frustrated. But with Linda, it was an entirely different story. Somehow, she made me focus without feeling like I was trying too hard.

What truly sets Linda apart is her ability to tailor her approach. From our conversations prior to the session, she did an informal user needs assessment to understand what would work for me. It felt like a personalised experience just for me, and that made all the difference.

I feel cared for and nurtured throughout my session, and I'm committed to continuing this transformative journey with Linda. Thanks, Linda, you’re a true gem!

Warm welcome!

With over 6 years of experience as a certified Soul Healer and a Universal Meditation Teacher in training, I am a facilitator of deep self-transformation where you have the opportunity to connect to yourself deeper, be surrounded by a special field that carries positive information that can transform your negative information and receive spiritual services of high frequency love and light to help you on your journey. I am an advocate of holistic health modalities and innovation in the healthcare sector. I am dedicated to offer coaching and spiritual services to those ready to connect deeper to their own soul wisdom to live a happier, healthier and deeply fulfilling life.

Linda Hortobagyi

Wellbeing Coach, Expert in Soul Wisdom

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